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1- 2 min Corporate Introduction Slideshow / PPT


Indidigital  is one of the best Corporate Video Production company.  We delivered several corporate videos to our corporate clients across India and Abroad.

Producing High-Quality Corporate Video Production on a Budget Requires Great Execution and Planning
Improved systems have managed to get so you won’t need to invest thousands on equipment to produce a great video. Actually, an iPhone can produce high-quality videos that can work properly for content marketers on a tight budget.
The main guidelines as it pertains to shooting video recording with an iPhone include always taking pictures horizontally, stabilize your iPhone, make sure your lighting and music are top-notch, and never fool around with the move feature.

While they are great pointers within the basics of firing with an iPhone, you may still find many steps you must never skip over while preparing to create an incredible marketing video.
Smartphones have the ability to create a quality training video on non-existent costs. It has helped many individuals and smaller businesses grow followings.

Vine is a short Corporate Video Production recording service whose users can track record 6-second videos on the loop. It had been acquired by Tweets and has exploded in recognition with companies seeking to attract new, more youthful users. You will find more than 200 million users that talk about videos across interpersonal media platforms using their friends and young families. Nonetheless it isn’t just the common Joes and Janes that are enthusiastic about Vine’s brief and lovely delivery (with a well-thought out notion of course).

Companies big and small are traveling the Vine coach. Mashable has done a fantastic job producing stimulating and interesting vines visually. They have got garnered more than 70 millionloops since joining Vine. Snapchat, on the other palm, is in charge of the creation and exchange of approximately 7 billion videos per day. That compatible about one video for each and every single person on earth – each day.

Regarding to a post on VentureBeat by Anish Patel, the creator of Trend Productions, “Creative companies that find ways to drive their content onto Snapchat are reaping the huge benefits and building some serious followings.”
Statistics like these should become a significant wake-up call to content marketing strategists & Corproate Video Production . Sure, a Snapchat video tutorial is not your typical high-quality, refined video you’ll see airing through the Super Bowl.
But the panorama has changed, and the public are adapting to new technology and services quickly. These adaptations are turning the common consumer into a fresh kind of audience, one with less patience and an inferior chance of rendering it to the finish of your company’s sales funnel through traditional method of advertising.
Before, consumers were more inspired by a tv set commercial because that’s what they understood. Now, consumers are being used to finding content from the wide selection of different platforms.  Corporate Video Production Not only helps you to tell social media user about your Brand story but also create long lasting impact on the Audience.

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Corporate Video

Commercial use with copyright
60 seconds Video Duration
Video friendly Script
Voiceover or music background
Voice Sync / Lip Sync
Royalty Free Background Music & sfx
1 Free Revisions
Video Rendering-720P
21 Working Days