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Facebook Fan page Verification

Have you ever noticed the little blue or white tick next to the name on some of the pages you follow? When a page has a blue or white tick it means they are genuine or Verified by Facebook as a person/company and not a fan site or someone copying them. Originally only for celebrities, organisations, sports teams & media, Facebook is now allowing you to verify most pages - If you're eligible, you are now able to get a white tick added to your Facebook page.




Why get verified?

Verified pages will show up higher in search results on Facebook. Your local business can have multiple Facebook pages . Becoming verified will help people find the genuine page.

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Facebook displays the Verified Badge on verified Facebook Pages to tell visitors that it has confirmed the Page is authentic. According to Facebook, Verified Pages show up higher in search results to attract more visitors. Having a verified badge also lets visitors know the Page is authentic. The Verified Badge appears on Verified Pages below the profile picture, after the Page name. Pages must meet certain criteria and go through a simple process to obtain their Facebook Verified Badge. The process is fairly straightforward for Pages that fall under the ‘Local Businesses’ or ‘Companies & Organizations’ category. For pages that represent public figures, celebrities, sports, media, entertainment and government there is an application process to confirm the Page meets the eligibility requirements. The gray Badge can for:


How Indidigital can help you in Fan Page Verification ?

Looking to verify your local business page on Facebook? Ever notice some Facebook Pages have a grey check mark verification badge next to their business name? It’s because they’ve been verified as a local business on Facebook.  While this isn’t to be confused with the blue check verification badge seen on profiles or pages of celebrities or major brands, applying to get your local business verified still has its benefits.

A new Facebook feature has recently rolled out that allows owners of Local Business Pages on Facebook to get their page 'verified'. You may have noticed that celebrities and larger organisations have a blue tick next to their name on their Facebook page? Indidigital can help you in verifying your Facebook fan page by making your fan page eligible for verification by Facebook.


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