How to Choose an Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform in India

Artificial intelligence marketing strategy offer ways to bridge the gap between data science and execution. The process of sifting through and analyzing huge dumps of data was once an insurmountable process and is now not only feasible, but it’s actually easy.

Marketers today rely on various types of marketing technology to launch campaigns, monitor their efforts, and keep their overall strategies organized. Every year brings new marketing technology products and technological advancements that can benefit marketers. At last count, the marketing technology products landscape included more than 7,000 products, and the list grows every year.

In a number of common marketing technology products categories, from tools that help with content strategy to those that aid in promotion. one of the biggest trends we see is Artificial intelligence marketing solutions. The man behind the ubiquitous martech landscape graphic, shared last year that they did away with the AI category in the graphic not because AI martech tools are uncommon.

Marketers can trust that AI will increasingly be a part of the way we do our jobs. It’s important to understand what AI is and how to select the best artificial intelligence marketing platform to aid in your work.

What is artificial intelligence marketing strategy?

Artificial intelligence marketing strategy is the term used to describe any type of technology that can get smarter by learning. That’s a fairly broad definition, one that encompasses the fictional entities like Skynet and Cylons—which are far from the current reality of how artificial intelligence marketing solutions works—as well as the more practical products we now see in many industries that employ machine learning to help professionals make better decisions.

AI is becoming the norm in so many types of products that Gartner now predicts marketing technology products will be pervasive by 2020. And Business Insider lists it as one of the fastest growing marketing technologies, with a 53 percent anticipated growth rate year over year.

marketing technology products

Here are 4 ways in which Artificial Intelligence Marketing can be leveraged within the marketing robotics ecosystem to craft and deliver highly differentiated client experiences at scale:

  1. Content Optimisation:

If the client is king, content is your anointed messenger to influence decision-making. Artificial intelligence marketing strategy allows marketers to adopt a data-driven approach with the objective of making predictive sense of their digital customers’ diverse behaviors across channels and devices. By analyzing historical browsing and transactional patterns, marketers can identify relevant customer segments.

These segments can be then be targeted with laser-focused personalized and contextualized content through appropriate channels of communication, such as emails, browser push notifications, app push notifications, or in-app messages, to nudge them along their journey towards conversion.

  1. Send Time Optimisation:

Marketers also need to target the right audiences at the right time. Artificial intelligence marketing solutions allows marketers to identify customer segments that respond to a particular campaign at specific times based on historical behaviour. Over a period of time, the system establishes a degree of predictability around the customers’ reactions and this learning input is fed back into campaign intelligence.

Consequently, leveraging the power of AI, marketers can add another dimension of relevance to their multi-channel communication by delivering these campaigns when different customer segments are most likely to respond and act.

  1. Recommendation Engines:

Whether it is travel, food delivery, online fashion, today, Artificial intelligence marketing solutions can help marketers make the most relevant product or content suggestions based on their past browsing, purchase, or viewing activity.

This ensures that only those customers that have displayed an inclination towards a particular product category are targeted with relevant or correlated recommendations at just the right time. This opens up multiple cross-sell and upsell opportunities, while helping marketers boost per session length and platform stickiness.

  1. Chatbots:

A Chatbot is an Artificial intelligence marketing solution that can interact with humans through a live chat interface. Although at a nascent stage of adoption, the rapid rise of conversational marketing means that over 80% of brands are looking to use Chatbots by 2020.

Artificial intelligence marketing strategy

The application and benefits of artificial intelligence marketing strategy will continue to expand. With the proliferation of voice assistants and emergence of brands that carefully evaluate and embrace the power of AI in an attempt to create an integrated, seamless, and personalised customer experience are more likely to reap the rewards of higher ROI, customer engagement, retention, and top-line growth.

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