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Generate leads on Twitter

Twitter isn’t only for getting followers, retweets, and replies – it’s likewise an important marketing channel for creating qualified leads. However, when you’re attempting to generate leads on Twitter, your tweets must be somewhat not quite the same as would be expected. With a few changes, your tweets can be changed into lead generation machines. Twitter is a great tool for discovering possible clients, regardless of whether your organization offers business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). This platform has demonstrated to be a great resource among social media networks for generating leads and marketing your business.

Twitter permits you to connect with your audience in a manner that is not generally sales-driven. Rather, your tweets can build brand awareness, pique interest in your products, and build loyalty among current customers. Social media is an amazing tool for creating leads, and Twitter is no exception. In only 280 characters, you can connect with another possibility, strengthen your brand’s tone and personality, and perhaps even sell a product or service. In this post we are sharing some significant tips to generate leads on twitter. These will assist with guaranteeing your connections are focused on, and will give you the most obvious opportunity with regards to moving your followers into your marketing funnel.

Following are these simple strategies you can use to generate leads on Twitter.

Link to landing pages

Twitter analytics are incredible for estimating the reach and response pace of each tweet. Be that as it may, you need an approach to gather the names of the individuals who respond. At the point when lead generation is the primary objective, ensure the tweet connects to a presentation page with a structure.

The content of the page will rely upon what you’re offering, however it ought to expect individuals to enter their names and email addresses. On the off chance that there’s room—and in the event that you figure your potential clients will give it—get additional information that will assist you with bettering comprehend their needs.

Utilize applicable hashtags

Recall that you are by all account not the only one looking for important hashtags! Odds are your objective market is likewise looking for industry-related hashtags, so try to utilize them in your tweets. Recollect that tweets with 1-2 hashtags are well on the way to be retweeted (and generate more leads) than those with at least 3 hashtags.

Lead Generation Cards

Lead Generation Cards are a decent way to get more leads on Twitter. They permit your followers to send their information to you directly through the tweet! Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards can be successful, however there are a ton of moving parts to get right. Put thought into your target, your offer, your picture, your CTA, your description, your security strategy (which is required), and so on. With lead generation cards, when someone clicks to grow your tweets, they’ll not just observe your offer (a product, e-book, webinar and so on.), yet they’ll have the option to respond to your source of inspiration with one tick of the button. Their name and contact data will naturally be submitted, expanding the odds that they’ll really present the structure.

Take the conversation off Twitter

In case you’re engaged with a potential lead on Twitter, consider extending the conversation by taking it off Twitter. Connecting with your leads by means of email or direct message makes the connection more personal, and possibilities might feel more good posing inquiries in private. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to connect with them on Twitter however! This fair gives you one additional approach to sustain the relationship.

Begin Scoping Out Competitor Follows

Clearly your competitors are searching for possibilities simply as are you, and are most likely having their own prosperity. Since you work inside a similar industry, you are both pursuing similar sorts of targets.

By looking at who they have figured out how to catch (and simply observing who it is they are needing to get in any case), you can begin making a list of possibilities yourself. You may even limit another pool to fish from.


In the event that you need to begin utilizing social media to reach a bigger audience, Twitter is a good place to begin. With the correct technique, it’s an effective tool for arriving at likely clients and building brand awareness.

At Indidigital, we have long periods of experience utilizing a variety of social platforms to help our customers to develop their organizations—and we’ll do likewise for you. Contact us today to talk with a planner!

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