How To Increase Engagement On Instagram Reel

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram Reel

Are you wondering how to increase engagement on Instagram reel?

With over 140 billion Reels played on Instagram every day, Reels can help you grow your community, stay on top of trends, and collaborate with inspiring creators. Experiment and figure out how to use Reels.

You’re already aware that video content is king on social media, and it’s quickly becoming necessary for brands, businesses, and creators to share Reels on Instagram. However, with more Reels being posted on the platform than ever before, it requires a strategic approach to stand out and generate deep engagement. But how do you increase engagement on Instagram Reels, and how can you use them to broaden your reach, increase visibility, and elicit meaningful action from potential customers?

In this blog we will share a complete guide on your question “how to increase engagement on Instagram reel”.

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Instagram Reels: Why should you use them?

Studies show that Instagram Reels can increase engagement by 22% compared to static Instagram posts. In fact, Reels is now the only video content format available on Instagram, demonstrating how important it is to brands, businesses, and creators. With Instagram doubling down on Reels, now is the time to use dynamic video to help your brand stand out and compel users to take action.
The best hacks for boosting engagement on Instagram Reels

1. Lead with a strong hook

The truth is that your Instagram Reels’ structure is almost as important as their content. Yes, it is true. That’s because it’s critical to make them stand out, especially within the first few seconds, in order to keep viewers interested. This is where the “hook” comes in: it should be eye-catching and entice people to see more. One approach is to begin with a teaser and gradually build up to the main event.

2. Use Reels templates to harness trending formats

Using an Instagram Reels template is a great way to take advantage of trending formats. These premade layouts make it simple to create eye-catching content that increases engagement. When you click the ‘use template’ button on an existing Reel, all you have to do is upload a set number of video clips, and the Reel will instantly come to life (perfectly timed to a popular audio track).

3. Add hashtags to boost discoverability

Hashtags are essential for expanding your reach on Instagram. These discoverable tags enable you to reach relevant new audiences while also making your content searchable via the Instagram algorithm. So, make sure to include a curated selection of high-performing hashtags in each Reel you share.

4. Re-share Reels to your Story

Sharing your Instagram Reels on your Instagram story can help your content gain visibility. The Story will be visible to your followers for 24 hours, which is an excellent way to ensure that your audience sees your content.

If your followers aren’t seeing your Reel in their feeds, adding and re-sharing this video to your story can increase its reach and engagement. It also gives your followers a more personal view of your content, which can help you build a stronger connection with them.

5. Include a compelling CTA

Including a compelling call-to-action (CTA) in your Instagram Reels is essential for increasing engagement and prompting viewers to take action.

To be effective, your CTA should be clear, concise, and related to the content of your Reel. For example, if your Reel is promoting a new product or a flash sale, ensure that your CTA allows viewers to easily shop for these items on your website.


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We hope this article helped you how to increase engagement on Instagram reel.

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