Latest Instagram Update 2023 You Need To Know

Instagram Update 2023

The Instagram update 2023 presents new chances for creators to establish their brands, boost interaction, and more successfully connect with their target audience. We’ll highlight the most important Instagram update 2023 in this article.

Instagram is still one of the most important platforms on the social media scene in 2023, with more than 2.35 billion users globally, and for good reason. The social media network is always expanding and changing, which means new features are frequently added. The most current Instagram update 2023 is covered in this article.

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Instagram Update 2023: Which feature is in

1. Instagram adds AI stickers to DMs and Stories

If this function is currently available to you, you can use AI to make your own unique stickers. What a cool thing! Then, after finding and selecting the “AI stickers” sticker, just enter the text you want AI to create.

2. Instagram profile images can now be enlarged

Users may now view Instagram profile photographs in full size directly within the Instagram app, as opposed to needing third-party apps. Simply press and hold the user’s profile photo on their profile page to access it.

3. Meta confirmed

On February 19, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed that the business will begin evaluating Meta Verified, a membership package for Facebook and Instagram users. Subscribers can use this tool to verify their accounts with a government ID. Among other benefits, the subscription also gives users access to proactive account protection, unique Stickers for Stories, and account assistance.

4. Broadcasting Channel

As a messaging tool, broadcast channels are made to let producers share text, pictures, voice memos, and videos with all of their followers. The broadcast channel of a favorite creative can be accessed by fans, who can then vote in polls and comment on posts. The broadcast channel will only allow the creator to share messages.

On Instagram, anyone may search for and access a broadcast channel’s content. However, in order to join it, you must be a follower of the creator, to whom the channel belongs. Followers have control over channel muting and notification settings for new content broadcast channels. This Instagram update 2023 is crucial.

5. Quiet Mode

The most recent addition to Instagram is the Quiet Mode. In a blog post published on January 19, the business said that the function will “help people focus when they may want to most.” Instagram urged users to use the function, stating that doing so would stop alerts from arriving and change the activity status of the profile to “In quiet mode.” Those who DM people who have activated the option will receive an auto-reply.

6. Authority over suggestions

On January 19, Instagram also revealed a number of additional controls over the content users see in their feed.

Users can now simultaneously conceal several items of content in Explore. They can also choose “Not interested” while commenting on a post, in which case Instagram won’t display the relevant content in Reels and Search. The platform also expanded the ability to hide Instagram recommended posts that contain particular terms.


Instagram is quickly developing and daily enhancing its user experience. You can never get bored with this social networking behemoth, from small modifications like moving a few buttons around to major ones like adding entirely new features.

We sincerely hope that this post enables you to catch up on some of the most recent Instagram update 2023.

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