When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2022

Best Time To Post On Instagram

What’s the best time to post on Instagram? It’s a common query, and with good cause. Everybody wants to get the most out of their social media accounts.

There is numerous research and articles available online that examine the best time to post on Instagram for the best outcomes. We scanned the internet for the most recent and trustworthy papers on the subject to help you make sense of it. The findings were then gathered and the takeaways were broken down. While we’d like to claim we came away from this experience with a clear answer for the optimum time to publish on Instagram, digital marketing is rarely that straightforward.

We will, however, provide you with some pointers on how to apply the study’s findings to improve the outcomes of your Instagram campaign and determine the best time to post on Instagram for your business.

What is the optimum time to post on Instagram

So, what are the greatest times to post on Instagram, according to studies?

Midday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. From Monday to Friday,
Especially on Saturday and Sunday, around 6 a.m.
From 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, and from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends

What does that tell us

There is no one-size-fits-all perspective to posting on Instagram. The best time to post depends on your industry, target audience, geography, and even individual company. Sorry. We recognize that this isn’t the response you were hoping for, but it’s critical to comprehend this truth if you actually want to get the most out of your Instagram ads.

We’ll look at how to determine the best time to publish for your company in the sections below.

How to select the best time to post on Instagram for your business

How can you determine the best time to post on Instagram for you, given the wide range of study results? The easiest way to figure out when is the greatest time to post is to test it with your audience. Here’s how to go regarding doing it:

1. Understand your insights

Insights into impressions, reach, website clicks, profile views, and engagement on Stories, Posts, and Reels will be available through your profile insights. This data will provide you with helpful recommendations and information about the best times to publish on Instagram for your target audience. To figure out what the optimum time is to post on Instagram, you’ll need to pull your audience data from your account.

2. Choose times to start out with

Make a list of a few situations when you think it might be appropriate to publish. You might start with the timings identified in the studies we reviewed here, while also taking into account what you already know about your company and your target market. In this step, don’t stress too much over picking the exact time. We’ll work it out as we go through the testing process.

3. Schedule your posts

Schedule your posts for different times of the day and keep track of which ones perform the best. To collect this information, you can utilize Instagram’s built-in analytics or a third-party solution. When you find a time that consistently outperforms others, try scheduling the majority of your posts around that time.

4. Re-test regularly

As Instagram’s algorithms change and your audience and business grow, your optimum posting time may shift. It’s critical to retest your ideal posting time on a regular basis — potentially multiple times a year — to guarantee you’re constantly posting at the optimal time for your company.


Instagram is a fantastic tool for businesses to meet their marketing objectives, but in 2022, posting content anytime you want isn’t enough. You can increase engagement, attract new followers, and even drive traffic by utilizing your best time to post on Instagram and scheduling ahead of time!

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